Marina Barrage in Singapore

20 November, 2017

ESCO Couplings has been chosen to participate in the incredible project of the Marina Barrage in Singapore, inaugurated in 2008.

The Marina Barrage is a dam built across the 350-meter-wide marina channel to keep out seawater, creating a pure water reservoir. This reservoir has many uses:

  • It is an important source of water supply for the Singapore’s population, having a capacity of 600-acre freshwater.
  • It helps controlling and alleviating the floods in the low-lying areas of the city.
  • It is a lifestyle attraction, offering diverse activities such as a botanical garden, watersports, various concerts, restaurants and hotels, ...

In this project, the Escogear couplings are used, driving the pumps, which keep the level of the reservoir constant at all times.

How does it work exactly? The barrage is composed of a pumping station with seven of the world’s largest pumps and nine 30-meter-long hydraulically operated steel crest gates.

Each of the pumps weights 28 tons and is able to drain about 2.500.000 liters of water per minute, which represents more or less the necessary water to fill up an Olympic-sized swimming pool. These pumps are used to drain out the excess water during flooding from the southern and central parts of Singapore into the Marina reservoir. To avoid level changes in the reservoir, the pumps drain the water from the reservoir into the sea in case of high tide. And at low tide, the crest gates open and release the excess water from the Marina into the sea. Our Escogear FSV 320 couplings are connecting the pumps to the right-angle reducer output shaft and our Escogear FSE 155 couplings are linking the right-angle reducer to the motor, setting everything up for working together.

With this large-scale venture, Singapore really succeeded the challenge of mixing the useful with the enjoyable by creating around the Marina Barrage a pole of fun and business activities, and offering stunning views attracting locals and tourists from all over the world.